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I like to apply the scientific method to all of my projects and it’s also true for my sales and growth funnels. How?

1. I create a list of assumptions I want to test and devise strategies on how to test them

2. I run monthly experiments (varying approaches, templates, channels and prospects)

3. I thoroughly examine the results

4. I double down on the good ones and stop the bad ones.

This type of mindset was crucial over the past months due to the uncertainty brought by covid. My results after 3 months were 274 opportunities generated with qualified prospects. Moreover, we still onboarded a whole “new team”.

Here is one of the approaches I tested - feel free to steal this play:

Step 1: Find relevant lists of companies online that fit our ICP

For this, I found online resources that provide company data based on relevant information. There are plenty of ways to do this, from searching Google to using Crunchbase or requesting them from sites like lists.amplemarket.com (click the button below)

Step 2: Find contact information (emails, phone numbers) of the prospects I want to target.

Here, I use lead enrichment tools like (ex: amplemarket.com, Clearbit, etc)

Step 3: Filter the list of companies by tools they use (tools we compete with and/or tools we integrate with)

For instance, our product integrates with a CRM, we could look for companies that use that CRM and are not using any of our competitors (let’s say for example Mailchimp or Sendgrid)

Step 4: Created a unique sequence per each tool integration we were targeting.

Here we also used a sales engagement tool like Outreach, Salesloft, or Amplemarket to craft these personalized messages at scale.

This type of approach allowed me to double my qualified opportunity rate from one month to the other. I hope this helps and would love to hear your feedback and how you are currently thinking about sales and growth.

Anything interesting you have been testing for B2B SaaS sales?

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    Pedro Guimaraes

    7 days ago #

    Btw, I've linked this post to the specific list I used for this approach. I'd say it's also worth exploring other lists on that website too :)