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Many people keep asking me the same question : is LinkedIn sales navigator worth it in 2020?  Wondering how to use it to scrape profiles using advanced filters? Is it worth the $64.99 per month? 🏼‍♂

My answer: Yes, BUT only if you’re already actively using LinkedIn growth-hacks as a lead generation source.

But let’s be honest my friends … most people who use the tool don’t even know how to get the most out of it 🤗

How does that work?
Well, they do a general industry-based search (e.g. industry, area, job title) and use a LinkedIn automation tool to reach out to them with the most boring templates ever. 😹😹😹

Hey {first_name}

Saw you were working at {company}! Thats awesome, I love what you do. Would love to connect and tell you a bit more about what I do.


But LinkedIn Sales Navigator has a ton of options. And today, I’ll teach you how to use 5 modern search tactics in LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find 🔍 more specific leads...

So If you’re interested , just take a look at some valuable content below.🚀