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🚨“I got into LinkedIn Jail 🚨
Warned by LinkedIn ❗️❗️❗️
Lost all my trust in Cold LinkedIn Outreach.”

This is what my friend Samuel said after doing Cold LinkedIn outreach,
so he wonders if the end is near!😱

After seeing several people and LinkedIn Rockstars put into LinkedIn Jail recently means that the rules of the game are changing:

LinkedIn is actively aware and working on stopping spam outreach
they have processes in place that are rolling out soon

They’re no fools and the rep they’re getting for the network becoming a spam platform is what’s driving the action

This is SCARY … SO we have to came up with better converting strategies

Therefore, I decided to HELP YOU ❤️😀 My lovely colleague Sharon prepared the safest LinkedIn cold outreach strategy going into 2021
that will help you survive and double (if not 3x or 4x) your reply rate.

This approach gave her 👇🏻

✅ 142 People outreached
💪 72% Acceptance
📥 71% Positive Reply on follow-up
🚀 17+ Booked demos calls