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Building a SaaS product is pretty easy these days, Making it work is certainly not..


Here is our story on building a product in one of the most competitive market and reaching 0 to $25K MRR in just 6 months with the exact steps and stats..




Give it a read and tell me whats your favorite Growth Hack ?

  • DS

    Dipen Sajnani

    11 months ago #

    Serious Growth Hacking!!! ;)

    My favorite Growth Hack was Drug ’em! Building Irresistible Tools for the Industry!

    Thank you for sharing such a detailed case study, really liked the presentation and insights from industry experts.

    Waiting for more such case studies :)

  • NT

    Nova Taylor

    11 months ago #

    Great Share!

    I personally used the tools they are just amazing.

    My favorite tools are the Backlink Monitor and bulk domain availability checker to find expired domains.

    Thank you for creating such valuable products looking forward to more such tools.

    Nova Taylor

  • JF

    Jayden Fisher

    11 months ago #

    Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!