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Have a strong lead-gen strategy to build your email list.

Right from day one, you should be gathering email addresses at every point you can—your site, your blog, your content. Everyone that visits your website, landing page, or company profile product is a lead, even if they don't become a user immediately.

Most of the time, they won’t be opening up their wallet right away, but having their email gives you a chance to convert them later on.

Choose a lead-gen strategy according to your business.

- If you are selling B2B software, you can run LinkedIn ads or Google Ads. Show them that you have domain knowledge and that your work is top quality.

- If it is a high-ticket sale, you might want to invest in a good webinar or conference. And of course, collect their email when they signup.

- If that doesn’t justify your ROI, you can create a series of high-quality blog posts and share widely. At the bottom of these posts or in the middle, you can put prompts for free guides, downloading which will require people to give you their email address.