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HubSpot, Hotjar and AWeber – these are some of the companies that Josh Garofalo, SaaS copywriter and founder of Sway Copy has worked with to double or triple their conversions.

I got Josh on the Growth Marketing Today podcast, where he shares:
1) Josh’s step-by-step copywriting process
2) What should companies be doing before they jump in doing copy
3) How can doing customer research often help with improving your website and copy
4) Why being super specific is key to writing high-converting copy
5) What is Josh long-term goal (hint: it’s not just copywriting)

My Takeaways from This Episode

1) Be super specific with your copy. The more specific you are, the easier it is for potential customers to understand what makes you different and why your product costs the way it does. The example Josh said is that you don’t want to just say you’re an email marketing company because people will think you’re Mailchimp right away. As Josh said, lean in to what makes your product different.

2) Do customer research often. Josh said that it’s much easier to make small minor improvements on your website based on customer research than it is to completely overhaul your whole website. As David Cancel, CEO at Drift, said, “Those who are closest to the customers win.”

3) Before you think copy, make sure you have a great product. You can’t polish turd… well, you cant but it’s still crap. Make sure that you’ve achieved product-market fit before you hire a copywriter.

Get the full episode with Josh and growth cheat sheet with all the actionable tips from this episode below 👇

If you have any thoughts, questions, and feedback, I'd be happy to pass it along to Josh 🙏