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We think you should prioritize bottom of funnel topics and keywords first before ever focusing on the top of the funnel.

In this blog post, we’re going to back up the above argument with real client data. This is to (hopefully) convince you that SaaS companies should focus on bottom of the funnel content first and work their way up the funnel later — as opposed to how most companies do things, which is the other way around. Then we’re going to introduce you to our Pain Point SEO process to help you identify these high-converting keywords, we’ll share our process of how to discover them, and then we’ll show some examples of companies using this process to get results quickly from content marketing.

  • WJ

    William Jones

    10 days ago #

    This is a very useful article on content marketing for SaaS.

  • DJ

    Dominique Jackson

    3 days ago #

    Great insights Benji. While I slightly disagree (there are other important benefits to top of the funnel content aside from what you mentioned in the article), the main point is spot on. I think the main reasons a lot of SaaS companies produce so much top of the funnel content are:
    (1) Most articles they read about keyword research aren't great. Way too many of those articles barely talk about search intent at all, and just recommend looking at search volume and a random keyword difficulty metric.
    (2) The popularity of Hubspot's approach to Inbound Marketing has misled people.

    But this is a great article, particularly for people new to the world of content marketing.