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A localization and internationalization guide with best practices and mistakes taken from 300+ SaaS companies from all over the world.

Website and product localization seem to be a solid strategy during this lockdown period. A lot of companies in non-English markets, typically more conservative, are forced to accommodate this new WFH and distributed culture.

We're gonna go through these topics:
1. When should you start thinking about localization?
2. Important SaaS metrics to calculate localization ROI
3. 6 main reasons for localizing your SaaS brand
4. The localization framework
5. Multiplying your lead generation pipeline
6. Starting with price localization
7. 10 rules for a smooth localization of your website
8. Most important technical aspects of localization

  • HB

    Hanna Barabakh

    3 months ago #

    Thank you Mihai for such an insightful article. I find your approach to SaaS product localization very structured and comprehensive, will surely apply it!