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Did you know that you can run your entire SMB from Slack and automate almost anything you want?

The best thing, you can do that for less than $300/mo. 🔥

It was mind-blowing for me.

Okay, running almost your entire business from Slack sounds pretty cool, but, why should you do that?

- It will save your time (a lot of time) - and the time is money, right? 💸

- No need for the hundreds of web tabs and confusing navigation through different products (It's really annoying).

- It can be slightly cheaper (in the infographic below, we've described different processes that will cost you only $250/mo for 20 different tools! 😲

So, after carefully researching some of the best Slack apps on the market, we've decided to create an ultimate playbook for SMBs with a couple of processes you can automate and run from your Slack workspace.

In the infographic below, we're going to see 20 different Slack apps that will help you to automate:

- Lead Generation Process

- Sales

- Social Media Marketing

- Customer Support

- Product Development

- Accounting

- Project Management

- And many more things

Let's drop the pure value. 🔥