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Check the 🚀 top use cases of robotic process automation in banking:

1. Sorting Emails - a bot can open up accounts, forward the emails, save attachments.

2. Order Tracking - it can open up an "orders tracking" file, copy-paste links, email date, address, and save the order.

3. Customer Verification - RPA can collect information about your clients and enter it into the database.

4. Account Opening - can be simplified and reduced.

5. Fraudulent Activity - a bot can sort and deal with suspicious activity reports.

6. Loan Processing - to deal with different file formats, use machine learning or intelligent automation solutions.

7. Mortgages - RPA can automize document processing, loan initiation, and quality control.

8. Credit Cards - all the verification steps can be automated as well.

9. Tax Reporting - financial RPA can simplify the filing of taxes process.

10. Business Trips - RPA makes it easy for you to process receipts and invoices.

11. Invoice Automation - RPA is able to learn and draw data from different types of documents.

12. Financial Planning - automating a process to track recent trends, you can predict future expenses.