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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gone through many transformations over the years, starting from the simple optimization of landing pages of a website on a desktop computer to a more complex and creating new engaging content that meets its target user on various platforms.

Search Engine Optimization SEO One of the major innovations in the digital marketing industry is the introduction of artificial intelligence tools to help well-organized marketing processes and make businesses more effective.

As machine learning and artificial intelligence become more ordinary in Search Engine Optimization, it’s necessary, that best practice SEO learn how to apply machine learning to their SEO strategies.

Search engines receive more revenue from targeted ads when they provide users with higher quality content. In result, the algorithm they use needs to be more focused on providing each user with content that will serve a specific purpose, rather than be packed with the right keyword density.

Therefore, you need to start thinking about the quality of your content as a ranking factor on search engines. However, as SEO algorithms change across major Search Engine like Google, Bing, the insights from the searchable content may become more relevant than specific keywords in the search process, thanks to Machine Learning (ML) in Artificial Intelligence (AL) tools.