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Selling on Google Shopping can sure benefit you in many ways, but selling effectively can help you save money. 

But how can Google Shopping help you save money? It's Easy! By following and effectively meeting the retailer standards on Google Shopping. Google Shopping scores and rewards the sellers who sell on Google Shopping on the basis of their performance. There are three categories sellers are placed in:

  1. top retailer
  2. Meeting standards
  3.  Below standards

So now you'd ask: what's the rewards? Well, if you become a top retailer, Google will reward you by giving you commission discounts of up to 20%! Also, keep in mind if you fail to meet the retailer standards, your Google Shopping account may get suspended.

How does the scoring works? Scoring depends on various things such as your item defect rate, your shipping defect rate your total sales value and sales count. 

How can I improve my retailer standards? Simple! By improving your item defect rate, your shipping defect rate and increasing your sales. 

Are you interested in knowing how to become a top retailer, meeting standards or below standards merchant on Google Shopping? Well read on to find out! Also we have compiled a few bonus tips and tricks to help you improve your retailer standards.