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How do you tell a good story? And most importantly, why should you, as a product manager, learn how to tell a good story?

Let me give a quick example. I recently finished watching a show on Netflix called What If. The protagonist, Lisa, is the founder of a medtech company, and she is trying to get investors interested in her solution. In the first episode, she pitches her idea and company to numerous investors using stats, facts, and data – but no one was really listening or interested. Until she told the story of WHY she founded her company, WHY she has this purpose, and WHAT problems her company will solve. Her story was about her sister, who died from Leukemia at a very young age, and this is why she used her skills as a scientist to found a company that could change the healthcare system.

Or take another example. Imagine you own a 17th-century castle (nice!). You invite guests over and tell them to wander around and check out all the rooms. Sure, they can freely roam around and enjoy the experience, but wouldn’t it be better if you prepared a discovery story for them so that they could learn so much more about your castle, its intricacies, its history, etc.?