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4-Step Content Marketing Framework for Driving Massive Organic Traffic

I often come across "expert" content marketers who like to brag endlessly about the "right way to do content".

What I find, however is that many of these self-proclaimed experts have no idea what the impact of their efforts are.

They are just aimlessly firing content out into the internet and all they track are vanity metrics that never actually lead to real tangible business growth.

There's no goal and no structure to their practices.

Well, I think it's about time there was an actual proven framework for content marketing that leads to massive organic traffic.

So I decided to write it.

This is a brand new article I've been working on for a while, and it covers everything you need in order to build a content marketing machine that delivers traffic and conversions.

  • TM

    Tatiana Morand

    5 months ago #

    Thanks for this post, Nadya! Love your writing style, and I'm finding it helpful as I start working through strategy for next year :)

  • KT

    Kevin T

    6 months ago #

    Thanks Nadya for this detailed post, without any fluff! I think you summed up content marketing when you said, "With informational keywords, your audience isn’t always ready to make a purchase, but they are hoping to learn something." I also love it when you suggest finding promotional/backlink opportunities and "looking for content that includes the term within the content " (rather than in H1 or title).

    I'm curious to know what other tools do you suggest overall for email marketing and digital marketing. I found this post https://blog.salesflare.com/most-powerful-tools-agency-2019 covers nearly all tools. However, I'd be happy if you could share a couple of your favorite tools. Thanks!

    • NK

      Nadya Khoja

      6 months ago #

      Thanks for the comment, Kevin! And glad you enjoyed it. As for my go to list of tools- perhaps that will be my next post :P

      • AF

        Alex Ferguson

        6 months ago #

        "GRAP" without E is the actual content marketing strategy that one needs to concentrate on. Enjoyed the full post thoroughly.

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