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Today, we're taking a deep look into feedback: why it matters, why we're terrible at giving and receiving it, and ultimately, how to do feedback right.

Feedback can be challenging as it feels inherently personal and can fuel all the not so great emotions - insecurity, vulnerability, anger. Yet, as HubSpot's Brian Halligan points out, it has to be faced, and, if utilized correctly, it can be one of the most critical factors of building a company.

  • PZ

    Peter Zotto

    9 months ago #

    I think we can all learn from this that feedback is something that you can get better at giving and receiving - just because you may not do great at it in this moment doesn't mean you can develop yourself to be better.

  • MM

    Mary Mallard

    9 months ago #

    I loved this episode - especially the fact that you interviewed fellow ProfitWell team members to ask the hard question - how do they perceive your feedback.

  • PC

    Patrick Campbell

    9 months ago #

    Host of the podcast here - happy to discuss any questions or comments on giving and receiving feedback, and how important it is to growth.

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