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Was sitting on the couch, watching tv, wanting to start a little sidebusiness. It took off faster than I had expected, thanks to Producthunt and by building a product for the right audience with growth at its core.

  • AG

    andrew gale

    almost 5 years ago #

    "I’m not a growth hacker or a marketeer"

    So ... Admittedly, you have no experience in getting traction but you expect me to pay for your traction advice?

    There is a new trend of getting a product/idea on PH, getting some signups and calling yourself validated. I'm really not cool with it.

    • KA

      Karim Amrani

      almost 5 years ago #

      tnx for the comment. The service is not about, as mentioned on the site, about me giving you a silver bullet that will make you millions. The service is about helping people form a habit of working on growth. Product people tend to lose themselves in working on the product, because this gives immediate satisfaction. Traction.vc is about helping those kinds of people form a habit of marketing their product, bringing it to people instead of hoping that 'they will come'. Does that clarify things a bit more? tnx

      • JA

        john asbury

        over 4 years ago #

        I totally get where you're coming from.. The hating sounds like you're a little bit of jealousy - you tested and it worked, theres nothing wrong with validating an idea as long as you provide the service or refund.

        This thing is so original, such an inspiring success story and thank you for sharing how incredibly simple it can be.

        One tiny idea can be life changing for a lot of people.

    • ND

      Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

      almost 5 years ago #

      Cool idea, Karim. :)

      "There is a new trend of getting a product/idea on PH, getting some signups and calling yourself validated. I’m really not cool with it."

      Hi @agale, @ProductHunt is a place where makers can get feedback on their products, not a place to test things that don't exist. (That is, it isn't our intention.) @rrhoover can elaborate if necessary.

    • AR

      Alain Raynaud

      almost 5 years ago #

      I agree, not cool. Plus there is no "profitable" here, the author pre-sold something he didn't have. Now he actually has to work for it. If you don't think providing great content is work, look at patio's discussion of his online course in his annual year in review (http://www.kalzumeus.com/2014/12/22/kalzumeus-software-year-in-review-2014/)

      • KA

        Karim Amrani

        almost 5 years ago #

        Hey Alain, not entirely true. It's a service people subscribe to. "It's not a leave your email we will launch sometime in the future type of product.". A service exists the moment it launches. All subscribers got their first tactics the first Monday they subscribed. So when the product (service in this case) was launched, it got published on a couple of places including PH. And providing content absolutely is hard work. This is not a sit back make money business.

  • XM

    Xavier Major

    almost 5 years ago #

    Hey just a shout out to you on this. Great idea I want to set up something similar for my small business clients to get weekly tips as a qualifier for my consulting services. Keep up the good work!

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