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Product-Led Growth is thriving. If you don’t believe that, just notice how the way of people experiencing software keeps changing. It is not enough for customers, a product to just deliver its value proposition. It needs to meet their needs and seamlessly enabling them to grow.

IT consumerization, fierce competition, reduced switching costs and the rise of customers’ voice on social mediums are the main factors supporting that direction. They increase customer demands and favor seamless experiences who don’t add weight on end-users shoulders. Forcing in that way SaaS organizations to keep optimizing product experience.

This guide is an attempt:

  • To describe what Product-Led Growth is
  • To present Product-Led Growth levers
  • Describe factors making Product-Led Growth imperative to organizations’ growth
  • Establish Product-Led Growth ownership
  • Give constructive guidance on how organizations can become product-led
  • Refer to all the Product-Led Growth metrics your organizations needs to be aware of
  • Showcase the best frameworks adopted so far in the SaaS industry
  • Give real examples Product-Led Growth practices
  • Provide you with a list of tools that will help you promote Product-Led Growth internally.