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In this article by SPD Group we will discuss how to set up a proper product development process, that will bring tangible results to your organization. You will learn what to do and what not to do by building a software product of your dreams!

Introduction to the Product Development Process
Every great product we know was once just an idea. Sometimes, the initial idea seemed unrealistic, but the development team made it a reality. What distinguishes success from failure? Why do only a few brilliant ideas survive and materialize into something special? Among the most important factors of the product’s success are a well-organized development process and proper marketing activities. In this article, we will focus on the IT industry and try to offer you some advice on how to set up a new product development process or improve the existing one, maximizing the effectiveness of your teams.

What is a product development process?
In software development, it is a combination of steps, tools, methodologies, and management techniques aimed at setting up effective teamwork. Basically, this is a set of daily, weekly, or monthly activities that development teams must engage in.

What is a product development life cycle?
Often misinterpreted as a product development process, a product development life cycle comprises all product development steps—from an initial idea to a market-ready solution. The life cycle can last for years, and it is much more than just the software development of a particular project. It often includes steps such as planning, discovery, market research, creating requirements and conducting feasibility analysis, product design, integration and testing, deployment, maintenance, and marketing.

Both a well-planned product development process and a thought-out product development life cycle are very important to the success of your project. We will describe the two and share some valuable insights based on our experience at SPD Group.