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This episode was recorded a few weeks ago, before Rand left the company to start SparkToro.

Rand has a reputation for being one of the most honest and transparent people in business. In this interview, Rand discusses two different situations where he pushed through changes to a product without following the proper process, in an effort to put users first and make the product more user-friendly.

Did he make the right choice? That’s up to you to decide after you hear what Rand has to say.

In addition, he talks about the importance of curiosity, and how natural curiosity about how users are experiencing a product can result in guerilla research that can be used to improve the product. He’ll also discuss quick wins and why he believes that you don’t have to make a choice between making money and helping people, because the two are directly tied to each other. Tune in to hear the whole episode and get a book recommendation from Rand.

tl;dr Rand Fishkin, Founder of SparkToro and Moz, shares controversial stories of pushing through product changes, thoughts on user research, and opinions on the intersection of money and helping people.

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    Louis Grenier

    over 2 years ago #

    Thanks for sharing @nichole !

    Right now, I could describe at length how hard we worked to make this podcast happen or how many hours we spent on in front of our laptop to launch on time...

    But I'm not going to do that.

    Instead, let me tell you the real story behind this project.

    It started because I hadn’t come close to meeting the target I had set myself of 50,000 hits per month on the Hotjar blog.

    I was focusing so much on this number that I had forgotten about helping people to reach their goals.

    My CEO David Darmanin had a call with me to put things into perspective (this was back in November):

    “Yes, reaching our objectives in the long-term is important but you know what is even more important? Helping our users to reach theirs. That’s what we care about first. The amount of subscribers, the number of signups, the traffic on our website, our profits… They all come after."

    I then made the decision to wipe away our entire content strategy.

    6 months worth of work went up in flames, just like that.

    “What if we could interview people who generated results by putting people first?”

    After some trials and errors, we zoomed in on 'The Humans Strike Back', a weekly podcast designed to help people succeed by putting people first.

    We're doing an AMA right now on Product Hunt if you want to know more about this project: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/the-humans-strike-back-by-hotjar