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We recently launched Jaco on Product Hunt and documented the tactics we used get to #1 in Tech (currently we have 916 upvotes and 125 comments). Since I know Product Hunt is a big milestone in many upcoming startups’ strategy, I wanted to share our experience with you and ask if you ever saw similar success using different techniques, and invite you to share your techniques with the group so everyone can benefit from the different approaches. What did we miss? Did you find any other techniques useful?

  • DC

    Dan Carmel

    about 4 years ago #

    Hey guys, love the Case Study and appreciate the transparency :)

    Could you please expand on the impact? was it just a temporary peak or a long lasting effect?

    • RP

      Roy Povarchik

      about 4 years ago #

      HI Dan,
      Well, as you can see in the results, the immediate impact was really good.
      In terms of long lasting - We actually gain over 300 new upvotes since the launch day and are still getting traffic.

      But we're also still actively promoting it by: Thanking Upvoters on Twitter, creating added value about the campaign and stuff like that. So by sharing the value and our lessons from the launch we are, in a way, still promoting it.