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This is the most comprehensive guide to persuasive techniques for Saas websites on planet internet. More than 31 900 words (That’s NOT a typo)! So why should you care about persuasive techniques? Look: Let’s say you’ve developed the most powerful and innovative Saas product on earth. That’s great. But it’s useless if you can’t persuade anyone to try it out or to buy it.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    11 months ago #

    The amount of inspiration in this post for tests is staggering. Really well done.
    cc @nickkolenda - looks like the kind of stuff you'd be into.

    • NK

      Nick Kolenda

      11 months ago #

      Thanks, Anuj. Normally, I would. And normally I wouldn’t call people out on taking ideas from my content. But I feel like the amount of overlap is on a level of plagiarism. Sure, the visuals are extremely similar (e.g., table of contents, imagery, resource sections). But the article has so many of my tactics, often word-for-word:

      Their Article

      Technique 11: Position Images and Graphics on the Left
      Technique 12: Use Attractive Models (When Appropriate)
      Technique 13: Enlarge Words That Convey Emotion

      My Advertising Article

      Technique 1: Position Images and Graphics on the Left
      Technique 4: Show Attractive Models (When Relevant)
      Technique 5: Enlarge Words That Convey an Emotion

      But that’s just one article. They followed the same approach with A LOT of my content, especially my pricing article.

      I’ve seen many people take core principles from my content, but this is the first time I felt the need to say so. I probably would have left it be if they just mentioned any of my articles as a source, but I didn’t see my name mentioned throughout all 31,000 words.

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