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As Facebook algorithms change, so too should your marketing strategy.

While it's great that Facebook has committed to increasing the views of quality content in consumer feeds, this makes it more difficult to rely on marketing tactics of old.

And good!

You should be sharing quality content and offering up meaningful discussions with your audience. And along with WHAT you're posting, it's critical to consider WHEN you're posting, what types of content (do you utilize the power of video?) and keep track of engagement so you have benchmarks to measure your success.

This article explores tips you can employ to maximize your business' posts and ads on Facebook.

  • GR

    Gigi Rodgers

    11 months ago #

    Everyone is FREAKING OUT about Facebook changing their algorithm again.
    It just means that same old stuff you were putting out before won't cut it anymore.
    It pushes your creativity level. Love it!

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