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Useronboard.com offers onboarding teardowns for: Each of these teardowns includes multiple slides with screenshots and detailed annotations.
  • AM

    Alex McClafferty

    over 7 years ago #

    Hey Ed - not sure if this is your site, but you should check out how Brennan Dunn at Planscope.io deals with trials and onboarding. It's brilliant.

  • RS

    Ross Simmonds

    over 7 years ago #

    Really like this site. I know it's still in the early days but onboarding is definitely an overlooked aspect of growth hacking. It's the first experience that you can start to create a viral loop and one that shouldn't be ignored. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these teardowns over time. Great find.

  • RE

    Rachel Ergo

    over 7 years ago #

    Awesome resource. We're working through the onboarding process at one of my startups right now and this is extremely helpful.Thanks for sharing!

  • DA

    David Arnoux

    over 7 years ago #

    This has proved Extremely useful to us as well. So thank you.

    We're currently struggling with our iphone on-boarding. Are you planning to dissect anything for mobile onboarding?