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By the year 2020, customer experience is slated to overtake both product and price as the leading differentiator for brands.

Let’s take a moment and just let that sink in.

In the very-very-near future (less than 12 months from the time of writing), companies should expect that the quality of the experience they provide will outweigh the importance of the actual thing they are selling—and how much it costs!

Personalization is the critical role of customer experience.

The future of business isn’t about who has the best widget or offers the biggest coupon.
It’s about who makes their customers feel the best about doing business with them.

While there are many facets to creating an industry-leading customer experience, perhaps the one that warrants the most attention right now is omnichannel personalization.

With technology improvements and rising consumer demand, personalization has entered the mainstream.

You need to quickly define and execute on a customer experience strategy that delivers on personalization if you want to stay in the game.

Let's go over:
- how to build a customer experience strategy for omnichannel personalization
- creating the right content, channel, and tech strategy
- and some companies, and brands, that are doing it right

This is happening.
Let's get up to snuff.