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To over-simplify: (1) in Agile you work iteratively and figure it out as you go, whereas in (2) Waterfall you figure it all out up front, then build-to-plan. So… Agile is good short-term, but for high-complexity, high-interdependency products those seemingly-good early choices eventually kill you. We want to talk today about a new approach to managing how we design products, which we’ve evolved to solve this, called North Star Product Management.

  • KL

    Kerrie Lamb

    9 months ago #

    Super insightful, thank you! Looking forward hearing more about Phase.

  • KG

    Kelley Goodwin

    9 months ago #

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Agile isn't working for our company either, we've been experimenting a lot and settled for a similar approach.

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