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Hi Hi Homies 👋👋👋

At this point, you probably know all about LinkedIn outreach, its benefits, and how it can skyrocket reply rate – even if you’re doing cold outreach.

But here’s the thing:
🚨Most people STILL get it wrong 🚨

What do I mean?
Well, think about it. When was the last time you received a cold message on LinkedIn. Did it involve your first name, and how they’re excited to connect with you?

Then they go on about what THEY do and start selling in the 2nd or 3rd follow up.

So luckily for you 🙌🏻 (and us), I came up with some new, fresh and great performing approaches which will kick-ass your reply rates… to heaven 🚀🚀

What works now won’t work again in a few months 😉