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New year, new SEO techniques? So is! With the arrival of 2020, I’m sure you’ve been more restless than usual and worried about the new updates in the Google algorithm. It is absolutely true that any project if it does not adapt quickly to the new paradigms marked by Google, will be completely obsolete.
We have to be aware that SEO is constantly evolving and there is no other option but to adapt to the conditions that Google sets in mind in improving the user’s browsing experience. However, you should know how to work SEO on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay or YouTube as well as social networks. Increasingly, users go directly to these search engines and insert topics related to products or any other item.

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    sanjay das

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    I read your article about "New SEO techniques of 2020 to rank your website" it is really knowledgeable. some techniques I used, I will try more
    Thanks for this information