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Tomorrow is the big day for our launch of Hacking Growth and I’m hoping to get the GH community’s help with a little growth hack (though we all know that growth hacking is more about process than growth hacks).  

We’re running something called a Thunderclap campaign where at a certain time tomorrow a bunch of Twitter or FB accounts will post this same message “It's finally here! Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown is out today! #growthhacking Get it here: [LinkTomorrow]"

Here is the link to participate (please click through now): https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/56018-hacking-growth-book-launch

In case you’re wondering about the quality of the book, Jeff Busgang, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School published an article today calling it "a terrific book and belongs up there with Geoffrey Moore, Eric Ries and Steve Blank's books as a fundamental part of the canon of StartUpLand (since, as everyone knows, entrepreneurship is like a religion)."

Thanks again everyone!

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