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Holidays are usually the best time to advertise your business and Mother’s day is one of the most profitable holidays that you can take advantage of.

All over the world, people celebrate Mother’s Day 🏽

In fact, over 85 million moms will be celebrating this weekend in the United States alone.
Mother’s Day is the third largest retail holiday celebrated across the globe, making it a holiday that no business should miss out on.

Numbers don’t lie.

Total gross spending on Mother’s Day 2017 reached a staggering $23.6B in the United States and in 2019, Mother’s Day spending reached $25B, with 84% of adults in the US celebrating this year.

In 2021, e-commerce sales are skyrocketing with 8 out of 10 Americans are estimated to celebrate Mother’s Day by making purchases online.

This is great news for all businesses and an opportunity that your marketing team should take advantage of.

The good news is, if you’re low on budget, infographics are a great way to market your business.
Infographics are highly effective and efficient because it is a condensation of bite-sized text, parsed with visual cues.

Presenting information visually is a compelling method which encourages the audience to not just consume and digest the information your graphic contains but consequently, also share the content.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group study in 2010, our brains are hardwired to be more partial to visual cues, which explains why website visitors spend approximately 10% more time looking at content that is visual rather than reading the text.

Additionally, According to Sagipl.com, 40% of content creators pointed to the fact that in marketing efforts, it was visual content that drove the most engagement.
That said, e-commerce businesses should definitely make the best out of this opportunity to create a Mother’s Day marketing push.

Here are examples of 5 Mother’s Day infographic campaigns that we love and that you can take inspiration from: