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I sent my first marketing newsletter 13-ish years ago. A time when everyone had a Hotmail email address, I was faxing in my ad placement to the Yellowpages, and advertising on grocery store shopping carts. Marketing and technologies have come a long way in those 13 years. One thing remains constant. You still need a strategy for your marketing efforts - all of them. Why are you doing it, what are you trying to achieve, what happens if you don’t reach it, how will you know you've been successful.

I share this newsletter strategy template with my peers. I hope it brings you as much success as I've had with it. Your feedback is welcome - is there anything that you would include in the strategy?

  • KT

    Kevin T

    over 1 year ago #

    Great post on newsletter strategy @michelleurban74 !

    I've been through this post and Newsletter Strategy Template document too and I found it covers all important points except the one mentioned below.

    I believe, newsletter email list maintenance is one of the very important step to consider. Every email contacts on newsletter list must be verified prior sending newsletter and each invalid email address must be moved to suppression list. This reduces the newsletter bounce rate and improves open rates and ROI. Every newsletter senders can perform this list maintenance through email list cleaning service https://quickemailverification.com/ .

    Do you think including this in newsletter strategy be useful to followers of this template?

    • MU

      Michelle Urban

      over 1 year ago #

      Hi Kevin,

      Great feedback!

      Yes, I think it's very important to address the health of your list - and on an ongoing basis. I've been in situations where you might have 30K leads in your database that could be included to your mailing list, but they have not been touched in 10-12 months. That is always a good topic for what to do........mail to them and jeopardize your send quality with your email service provided? Batch them out in small segments based on locations, industry or job title? Do nothing? Or use a service to clean them up? The problem with using the service is that if you are a startup, chances are a CEO or executive is not going to want to pay money for any additional tools. (startup marketing = no marketing, no budget, and no resources. But that is for a different topic :))

      Another thing I've been thinking about adding is the list growth strategy. What activities are you going to do that will enhance the size of the newsletter mailing list month-over-month. And then measuring the successes of the quality of the net new leads you are getting.

      Thanks again for the comment. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/michelleurban

  • MS

    Matthew Scheer

    over 1 year ago #

    Using these tips at my company! Thanks Michelle!!

  • BV

    Bhavesh vania

    over 1 year ago #

    this is for very nice

  • AF

    Alex Ferguson

    over 1 year ago #

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  • RO

    Roman Onischuk

    10 months ago #

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