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I'm sure you read the story in the NY Times about MailChimp's growth in the fall of 2016 -- and where they finally revealed their revenue number for the first time. But we thought we'd take a different angle and break it down from a brand/marketing perspective. The key thing they mentioned was how they were able to "get closer to their customers" than their competitors. What the heck does that actually mean? Well, at Drift, we identified three key areas where MailChimp was able to gain an advantage and broke them down in this article: A lovable brand. In a world of stark, gray, corporate solutions, MailChimp stood out for being quirky and fun. Freemium. The key to marketing MailChimp was to let people use it -- for free -- so they could see for themselves how amazing it was.
 Customer delight. MailChimp reminded its customers that they had made the right choice by regularly finding unique ways to surprise and delight them.

  • KG

    Kieran Goodacre

    over 3 years ago #

    About time someone wrote a great post on this. Thanks!

    We at maitreapp.co are also bootstrapping, I hope we can achieve a fraction of what they have.