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You wanted, we delivered. A freshly baked Instagram Analytics tool is live an running.

Track and measure your Instagram performance against your top competitors, monitor their campaigns and hashtags and apply those insights to your digital strategy.

Wondering what it can do for you? Maybe these ideas help:

1. Launched a hashtag for a campaign? Jump into the dashboard and see how it takes off.

2. Want to snoop in on your competitors’ strategy?
Monitor your competition’s Instagram profiles as well as their hashtags to get the complete picture of their activity.

3. Need and Instagram report for your clients or want to impress your manager? Generate one in seconds.

  • KD

    Kim Døfler

    about 2 years ago #

    Love socialinsider.io 😍
    It is one of my favorite tools as a Marketer.
    Every time a new potential client approaches me I go to socialinsider.io to check out the client's and competitor's Facebook pages to see how they are doing.
    Now they added features to monitor Instagram as well.
    Check it out 👌

    • AJ

      Adina Jipa

      about 2 years ago #

      Hey, thank you, Kim, for your love & feedback. I'm so happy to read these lines 😍

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