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In this article, I look at Product/Market Fit from a mobile perspective and make some suggestions on how to assess the level of PMF for a mobile app, with reference to some of the articles from Sean Ellis, Brian Balfour, Andrew Chen, Marc Andreessen and Casey Winters on the topic of Product/Market Fit.

  • JP

    John Phamvan

    about 1 year ago #

    I think this must be the first (certainly one of the first) articles to address the topic of PMF for mobile apps. - which is really shocking to me.
    After reading this post however, its clear why - you really need someone who knows what they're talking about to address the specific nuances here, specifically that there is an additional platform-specific consideration when it comes to apps that isn't necessarily the case with existing definitions of PMF.
    I especially love how Andy builds on the principles espoused by @sean, @bbalfour, @andrewchen etc on this topic to build his thesis.

  • CL

    Cassie Lance

    11 months ago #

    Hey, Andy really nice article and very good read!
    Although at some place you had me lost.
    But overall very informative.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

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