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As mentioned in our earlier post that we have started crafting down the ‘Slack vs X’ series of articles to let users know the existing collaboration software and making it easier to discover the best outfit. At this moment, we are decoding the dissimilarities between Slack and Microsoft Teams, which are poles apart in their strengths and weakness. Since the advent of team collaboration software, Slack has been acknowledged as the cool kid. He delivers things in his way with a fancy interface and unique combination of features. Well, keeping analogies on the couch, team chat applications have waved goodbye to the internal email structure and phone calls at the organizations. Pricing - Which Application Breaks the Bank? Your greenbacks go more for Teams than Slack. Yes, it is true. For those who are unfamiliar, Teams did not have a Freemium version like Slack; but in July Microsoft has announced that a new grade of Teams is available at no cost in order to stand in the Slack competitor bar. Now, since both the applications come with Freemium editions, the ball is in your court - whether to upgrade or not. Getting Started - Which Application Offers Smoother Setup? Well, it is not going to be a smooth road while deploying Microsoft Teams. Making the first move with Teams takes hell lot of time since you are expected to present a set of information such as personal data that includes business email (no cheating, okay?), mobile number, and credit card information(in case of premium version).

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