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This article talks about how under investment in metrics tends to be a common issue with post-product-market-fit companies. Examples that can happen when you under invest in metrics include:
  • Ad hoc analyses are extremely slow or impossible.
  • Analyses are wrong.
  • Product managers and executives don’t ask questions they would otherwise ask.
  • and more.
Jamie also talks about how to tell if you are under investing in metrics, and what features of a "good" metrics system looks like:
  • User behavior is tracked on a per-session basis and what exactly led to each session can easily be identified.
  • All key events that a user can do on each page in your site/app are tracked and all user-level meta-properties on those events are properly attributed.
  • Pre-login behavior is tied to post-login behavior and behavior is tied between devices as much as possible.
  • and more
  • RG

    Ryan Gum

    almost 5 years ago #


    "All 3rd party analytics systems are insufficient and too inflexible for your needs."

  • HQ

    Hila Qu

    over 3 years ago #


    Such a great read. Totally agree, when you set up the data and metrics correctly and make them easily available, there will be so many more good questions being asked.

    For very early stage companies, I feel Google Analytics basic segments and event tracking can provide a lot insight at no cost.

    When you care more about user behaviors, you need to add something like KissMetrics, and eventually you go to your own data base.

    Do you see this as a common path for companies's analytics stack? Is there any better path/tools for companies at different stages?

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