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Why are we comparing Matrix, Riot, and Mattermost?
If you’ve read Troop Messenger blog before, you know how we’ve always been curious about our rivals. Exploring rival apps and similar team collaboration software helps us analyze office collaboration needs from a customer’s perspective. An unbiased analysis of our competitors leads us towards designing a better tool for our end-users - Troop Messenger- a better, cleaner and more user-friendly chat alternative. Recently, we did an in-depth analysis of Rocket Chat and Zulip. This time we would like to focus on the well-known Mattermost, Riot, and Matrix.

Comparing the emerging leaders of office communication
Let’s dig deeper into comparing these office communication platforms and review what’s the big deal about them. To help you with the decision to choose among Matrix, Riot, and Mattermost, you should know the key differences to using this new infrastructure:

  • MA

    Mohsin Ansari

    7 months ago #

    Matrix+Riot is pretty good. End-to-end encryption is still in beta though and is not very user friendly (server <-> client connections are always encrypted ofcourse). Matrix also supports federation, which is very useful if you want to be able to communicate with people that aren't on the same server.

    From what i gathered with a quick search (correct me if i'm wrong) mattermost doesn't support E2E encryption nor does it support federation.

  • AR

    anu radha

    7 months ago #

    Good Comparisons

  • LG

    Likitha Gundla

    7 months ago #

    We use Matrix/Riot at our Makerspace for a local server of maybe 100 people. It's still in development, for sure but it meets all our needs and it's nicely extensible. Folks in our group have made some cool bots that integrate with our thermostats, security cameras and access control system. Not to mention our organization announcements, social media posts and a bunch more.

    One thing I didn't see here is mention of the integrations Matrix has, I don't have a full list but it supports cross-system chat with IRC, Slack, Discord and a bunch more. It's more than multi system in one app (If you're thinking of Trillian or the like) but actually you chatting from your matrix client and server into an IRC room hosted elsewhere. Some of these integrations have better support than others but they're coming along as folks develop them.

    • NM

      Neha Malik

      7 months ago #

      When it comes to integration, Matrix-Riot are definitely the boss. Matrix-Riot bots interact with third-party apps directly from the chat. In both these tools, you can add the bridge to transparently talk with external app users like Slack.

  • TC

    Tanuja Chinthagunta

    7 months ago #

    Matrix is great, synapse being the most stable server implementation, but others exist for specific use cases.

    Riot seems to be the "recommended" client, but there are also other clients if you want something more lightweight.

  • SM

    sravya m

    6 months ago #

    Great Comparisons...

  • BD

    bhavya d

    6 months ago #

    Great Comparisons...