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I started writing this book out of need and passion for content marketing evolution and future. As a writer who’s been published in dozens of blogs & publications like Social Media Examiner, WeRSM, Entrepreneur, Freshdesk and others, I can relate to the issues faced today.

I believe there’s an urgent need to understand the marketing industry better from top to bottom. Efficiency is an issue that’s becoming more and more pressing and we need help in crafting the future of marketing teams. And that’s exactly what I did.

The book is divided into three chapters:

🤓 The past, a brief history of marketing from a millennial dropout’s perspective
🤔 The present, analysis of the biggest marketing f*ck ups and how others succeed
🚀 The future, how marketing teams need to adapt their workflow to be prepared for what’s coming

  • PL

    Philippa Lindsey

    10 months ago #

    That's inspiring, keep up the good work.

  • RA

    Richard Adams

    9 months ago #

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