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Paul Graham once famously said, “ A start-up is a company that is designed to grow fast.” This was in 2002. Since then, traditional marketing has got a makeover, and more and more startups are looking at growth hackers to run the bigger show.

But here’s the thing about Growth Hackers.
Growth Hackers are the new age unicorns. We need them; we value them, yet they are rare.

A spike in growth hacking job opportunities proves the point that we are trying to make here.
Who Is A Growth Hacker?
In our opinion, it is still an arguable question, which often invites mixed reviews and responses.
While hiring one, most start-ups look for that one member who can bring the best in terms of marketing and engineering on the table. All this in the hope of fastidious growth.
What are the skill sets that one needs to possess, to be able to christen himself/herself one remains debatable.

We explored this concept and also interviewed Ina Herlihy who's the Growth Hacker at Zumper

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