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Straight from Mention themselves, this article lists of distribution channels that they have found valuable." The following is a list of these channels that they call "amplification networks".

  • Hacker News
  • Reddit
  • Product Hunt
  • Designer News
  • Growth Hackers (yay!)
  • Daily by Buffer
  • The Next Web

For details on each network, read the full article.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    over 5 years ago #

    Apologies upfront if this comes across as a rant.

    I fully appreciate Mention sharing what they use - I learned a couple of new things as well.

    My issue with posts like this is the impression that by posting amazingly great stuff on any of these networks that it will (repeatedly) translate to amplification.

    Take GH - the amount of super content that's never made it onto the front page is staggering.
    This is true of HN, Inbound, reddit etc as well.

    ProductHunt/Daily by Buffer - these only work when/if you are featured
    There's no guarantee that will even happen or happen exactly when you want it to.

    That is not to say that you shouldn't be taking advantage of all of these channels - of course you should.

    Given the amount of great content and individual network dynamics, I'm not convinced that you can realistically expect amplification to be automatic or even repeatable just because you think you have something great to offer to any of these networks.

    • ET

      Everette Taylor

      over 5 years ago #

      Well said @anujadhiya, with that being said - definitely appreciate the GH shout out.

      I will say that, its what is useful in Mention's toolbox. The problem is, people read articles like this or others like "10 growth hacks to…" and feel that they can incorporate it into their companies too.

      Every company is different, posts like these may provide inspiration for something you can do with your company but its big mistake if you think you can do everything that someone else is doing.

      • SB

        Shannon Byrne

        over 5 years ago #

        Such a valid point @everette. We did not intend for this to be a rinse-and-repeat type of post. Perhaps a disclaimer is in order.

        Thank you for the comment!

    • SB

      Shannon Byrne

      over 5 years ago #

      Hi @anujadhiya - I actually totally agree with all of your points. There is no secret sauce here, you should not bombard any of your amplification networks, and each and everyone is all about relationships built.

      This was honestly an internal doc we created for a new hire to give them some background and thought it would be helpful for a greater audience. However, your feedback is definitely appreciated. Thanks for the comment!

  • DD

    Dinesh Dhakal

    over 5 years ago #

    I know most of the community here, except designer news & thenextweb which I don't consider as a community. The post is great, but the basic fundamental of being in the community is to stay active.

    OK I wrote a blog post after 1 year & its related to some incident of life like "going trekking to annapurna base camp". Lets look at the main thing with this blog post, the relevancy to this group. In most of the community illustrated above, like growthhackers, inbound, reddit,etc this topic is already off topic. Another great thing is, the members will not do a favor to you on post amplification if you haven't shown yourself compelling & active member to the group.

    You get what you give, well I want to keep myself reminded to this old proverb. I spend one hour of my daily time to this community even I have nothing of my own creation to share. My posts has been to top on these communities & there is a pattern I always use & It always works: Share quality posts, promote quality posts of other members & You will get on top.

    (PS: This is the copy of the comment I made on original post.)

  • AH

    Aaron Hemmelgarn

    over 5 years ago #

    By far one of the best distribution channels is Google+ and Linkedin.

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