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I've been looking for a growth program for a while, and I just found one recently that seems great. I just signed up for a online bootcamp that the GH community's very own Dominic Coryell (@niquecoryell) is putting together (I actually heard about the program on a post @sean put out a few days ago). He did distributions at 500 startups so if you've seen any of their videos from the WMD conference and marketing hell week from 500 startups, you know he knows what he's talking about. It starts on Sept 26.

If you want to get a sense of what he's about he's put out some great mini courses at http://learn.gimmegrowth.com/ The courses are about testing (my personal favorite), analytics, activation, retention, and referrals. The best part is that they're free. The bootcamp program seems great. Our very own @sean is teaching in the program (always excited to learn from him), along with other great marketers like Jusin Mares (@justinmares ) of Traction fame and others. Check out the site, there are ALOT of great marketers teaching. The program schedule looks great too.

The prices go up soon (today infact). Enroll by August 31 the price is $349. Enroll by september 12 the price is $499. Enroll by september 26 the price is $999.

You can get $50 off If you use the discount/referral code : HD68GD49 The code is only valid until September 12, 2016. The site is: http://www.gimmegrowth.com/

I'm not affiliated with the program in any way (other than being a student). I'm just excited to take it. If you guys decide to take it I would love to hear in the comments what you're most excited about.

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