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It’s a no brainer that personalization makes customers feel special, and as a result, improves their shopping experience – and in most cases result in higher purchases, increasing your bottom line.

These days every business-client interaction is all about personalization, and several companies now cater to eCommerce businesses with different personalization tools such as product recommendation engines offering personalized product recommendations, personalization as a service software, web personalization, and other various personalization technologies which beautifully combine real time online consumer behavior with machine learning to deliver the most outstanding shopping experience to your customers.

Personalization is and should be seen as a tool to improve user experience, and this can be done in several ways...

  • JE

    Jonathan Ebingen

    9 months ago #

    Nice one! I've been working with an eCommerce startup for a few months now. I'm sure these kinds of tools will be a great addition to their marketing stack.