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If you've ever tried outreach on LinkedIn then you know that it's not that easy to achieve amazing results 🤔

The first issue you face is "What approach should I use?!" For the last few months, I reviewed hundreds of different LinkedIn outreach approaches.

However..!! There’s one huge problem with the type of LinkedIn outreach automation that most people use. And it has to do with the personalization, or rather, the lack of… 😴

You’ve probably received a lot of the same, boring, low-quality templates if you’ve spent some time on LinkedIn. Something along the lines of…

“Hi [FIRST NAME]! I saw that you were working at [COMPANY NAME] - that’s awesome! I love your work! Would love to connect

The solution? It’s time to go beyond this level of personalization 🚀 So I decided to make a step-by-step article with a user case on how you can bring your reach up to 70% acceptance with the next level of personalization. You can do this by using custom placeholders to make your messages look truly authentic.

Check it out and let me know what you Think !