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If you've ever posted on LinkedIn, you'd probably know how tough it is to get a lot of views there. 😩

I know what I'm talking about, my first posts got 3 likes. 1 from my wife, she always supports me and 1 from my friend who I asked to. So frankly speaking, it was just only 1 like.

That posts reached 100-200 views and it doesn't (even DOESN'T look 😬) like great results.

But for the next few months, I dived deeper into the content creation on LinkedIn and reached 100K views in just 30 days.


There are lots of aspects that I improved:
- Improved my LinkedIn profile
- Started writing a better content
- Boosted it with LinkedIn Engagement Pods
- Experimented with lots of outreach campaigns
- Analyzed everything

And as a result, I built a simple checklist that can save you XYZ hours (that I spent to figure out how LinkedIn works).