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When I'm teaching copywriting I always go back to the wisdom of the original masters of the (direct response) copywriting art.

While we do live in a different world than they did - they weren’t exactly concerned with bounce rate or SEO - they were absolute experts at influencing something that has hardly changed since the early days of advertising: the human psyche.

So come along for copywriting 101 and swipe some ideas from the folks Don Draper’s character was based on. ‘Cause there’s no school like the old school.

  • DB

    Dominic Brochu

    8 months ago #


  • VE

    Victor Eduoh

    8 months ago #

    Great article Anouck. So much insightful takeaways to boost one's copywriting skills in this piece. And, of course, I could feel your own expert copy skill while enjoying the reading ride.

    Stay awesome, cheers!