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Managing a team, or even a whole organization, is definitely not a walk in the park. Leaders face a lot of challenges that are related to new fields in company management. Managing distributed teams across a few time zones and locations and managing employer branding activities wasn’t much of a thing as recently as even 5 or 10 years ago. Yet, this is not a reversible trend, which is why leaders – along with whole teams within organizations - need to adapt and switch to a flat, transparent structure instead of a dictatorial top-down approach. Creating a workspace that is not only effective, but also welcoming and comfortable for employees, comes as another challenge in cross-functional organizations. These challenges require an open-minded approach, asking for a culture that is innovative, breaks with the rules and demands flat hierarchies.

The secret recipe to success is a transition to collaborative leadership: Welcome to the year 2019: where there are no single bosses anymore, but there are many leaders instead.

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