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Regardless of what role they have on the team, pretty much everyone at Tars examines, critiques and rebuilds 5-10 client landing pages per day. Our process for doing so usually involves a lot of back and forth on Slack where we share Loom videos of ourselves talking through the critiques of the client’s landing page and the ways in which a chatbot could help. About a year into doing this everyday, we had the late realisation that these videos are the sort of actionable content which marketers love, so we made this blogpost and teardown video to give you a sense of how we turn a traditional landing page into a conversational landing page.

To start this series off, we are taking a look at the way LASIK eye surgery providers create landing pages for their Google Ad campaigns. Believe it or not it’s really fascinating. We had a client a few months back who used conversational landing pages to drop cost per click dramatically, and we had a blast helping them out.

  • EV

    Emmanual Vincent

    4 months ago #

    This is a pretty good resource for someone looking to transition from a landing page based lead generation to Bots. Good work.

  • SD

    Shemar Davis

    4 months ago #

    Great teardown but I'm a bit confused... through most of the video I get the sense that conversational landing pages increases conversion rate, but in the linked case study, conversion rate doesn't rise and CPC goes down. Any explanation for the discrepancy?

    • AP

      Arnav Patel

      4 months ago #

      The client for the case study relied on click to call as their primary lead capture method, which meant that both their their conversion rate and CPC were high. By switching to a conversational landing page they were able to maintain the high conversion rate of a human lead gen approach, while dropping their CPC.

  • BB

    Bhajan Bojamma

    4 months ago #

    Can't wait for the next teardown!
    Preferably of a Real Estate landing page :)

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