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Since last click attribution is the most tangible (aka satisfying) we can at times find our selves preemptively shutting of mid-funnel/consideration campaigns.

  • TN

    Tri Nguyen

    over 1 year ago #

    Attribution in general is a huge issue for many people I know.
    I'll admit I don't have much familiarity either but posts like this help you think through beyond what is obvious or written about the most.

    While there's a lot of excel magic in here for all the data nerds, there's also a very helpful link in the post on pivot tables to those that are new to it.

    • GS

      Gabe Solberg

      over 1 year ago #

      Hey Tri,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, no one has really solved the attribution dilemma but with some creativity, we can use data points that are available to derive directional performance trends.

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