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I’ve had a chance to talk to Wojciech (CEO) and Anna (New Business Manager) from Polcode. They’re a Polish software development company founded in 2006 that based their growth on clients abroad. Now it’s a powerhouse of software development with over 100 people on-board. We focused on the mechanics of their sales, which are complex and unique. The first thing that intrigued me is that they started spending on active marketing, branding and new sales channels in 2014. How did they manage the first 8 years? Bunch of coding enthusiasts in a tiny office Polcode was founded before it became the trend to focus on marketing first in newly-created companies. That’s why they invested everything into providing the best service possible, and not marketing it as such. They always hired developers from the top tier. Doing projects based on time&material compensation, focusing on quantitative growth (more people+more projects=more revenue). What’s interesting – they were never limited themselves to the local Polish market, and they hired only developers with stellar english skills. Which is absolutely one of the keys for smooth international growth.

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