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80 out of 100 marketers find influencer marketing as a useful tool.

71 out of 100 marketers say the quality of traffic or consumers, which is driven by influencer marketing is much better than other marketing sources.

89 out of 100 marketers believe ROI is excellent from influencer marketing than any other marketing channels.

65 out of 100 marketers are planning to increase their marketing budgets in influencers in 2020.

71% of marketers say the quality of traffic is better than other marketing sources such as PR, Paid search, email, social media, or even from SEO. The reason is simple; the influencers have a very targeted audience in their domain or Niche.

How Finding appropriate Influencers for a Campaign is a Struggle?

- 61% of marketers say, to find the right influencers for our brands is very difficult for a campaign.

- Instagram’s crackdown checking and spotting on fake followers is still the number 1 concern.

The Blue Oceans Group researched and collected data from prominent market leaders. So, Let’s discuss Influencer Marketing Trends and Strategy more in-depth!

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