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In early November, Google quietly rolled out the most significant update to a core performance tool we’ve seen to date, announcing the latest version of PageSpeed Insights.

If you’ve used PageSpeed Insights to test page performance, it’s time to retest! Because your old speed scores don’t matter anymore.

The good news is that you’ll have new data at your fingertips to help you speed up in ways that actually matter to your prospects and potential conversions. Let’s take a closer look at this update and explore why it should play a role in your page speed strategy in 2019.

  • PO

    Paweł Ogonowski

    11 days ago #

    Hey Ashley! Thanks for sharing this post — great stuff. Page speed is incredibly important and many people who think about growing their conversions and revenue should focus on that aspect only. Noto many people know for example that bounce rate soars when page load time takes more than 3 seconds!

    • AL

      Ashley Luk

      11 days ago #

      Thanks for checking it out Paweł! Glad to hear you agree that page speed can impact conversions and revenue.

  • SD

    Stefan Debois

    11 days ago #

    Great article! We tested our site using Lighthouse and have seen that particularly the mobile performance needs improvement - something that we did not detect before using other tools

    • AL

      Ashley Luk

      11 days ago #

      Thanks Stefan! Yes, Lighthouse is perfect for providing a more accurate portrait of web performance in a way that other tools might not.

    • AB

      Anubhav Bhattacharyya

      7 days ago #

      My thoughts exactly! We may include a few queries to add mobile breakpoints, but we forget to prioritise mobile design over the desktop version.

      And a lovely article Ashley!

  • KV

    Kathir Vel

    6 days ago #

    New page insights tool is awesome & it provides extra results.. but little confusing for new bies.

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